About Youthman

Youthman Profile PhotoMy name is Michael Stevens and I have been passionate about Home Audio and Video for the past 30 years. My love for Home Theater and Music has provided me with an opportunity to connect with an audience through the Youtube Platform. I have the heart of a teacher and love providing content that is both educational as well as entertaining. My Youthman Youtube Channel provides a platform for me to share my creativity, to share my knowledge and experience as well as reviews of current products from various audio and video manufacturers.

My 7.2.4 Dedicated Home Theater

Speakers: (3) Klipsch LaScalas for LCR , RS-62 II Side Surrounds, RS-62 II Back Surrounds, (2) SVS PB16 Ultra Subs, (4) CDT-5800-C II Atmos Speakers

Video: Epson 5040UB Projector with 150″ Seymour Center Stage XD Cinescope (2.35:1) Screen, Pioneer UDP-LX500 UHD Player, PS4  for gaming, AppleTV

Audio: Marantz SR8012

Lighting: Lutron Caseta Dimmers with Lutron Hub

Misc: Harmony Elite Remote & Hub, Amazon Echo Dot, DIY Acoustic Panels, CB Concept SMD5050 LED Lights, Panamax MAX 5500 ACRegenerator

Youthman's Klipsch LaScala Home Theater
Youthman's Klipsch LaScala Home Theater

My Custom DIY 150″ Acoustic Transparent Screen

I get asked a LOT about how my screen and the lift system.

Screen Details:

  • 150″ diagonal, 12.5′ wide screen
  • 2.35:1 aspect ratio
  • Center Stage XD Fabric from Seymour
  • Made from extruded aluminum, cut and welded together
  • The “latch” is similar to a hood latch on a car
  • Screen is supported by gas shocks

Details and photos of screen being constructed – LINK

Hundreds of photos from the build – LINK

Complete build thread – LINK

Construction of cabinet (107 hrs in 7 days to construct):


My 2ch Living Room Setup

Speakers: Klipsch RF-7 III (Natural Cherry)

Audio: Harman Kardon HK3490, Acurus A200 (200 x 2) Amp, Apple Airport Express (Mobile Streaming Audio)